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Add Well Being Tech Co., Ltd.
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Add Well Being Tech Co., Ltd.

Add Well Being Tech Co., Ltd.

Well Being Ondol

Korean Floor Heating Panels : ONDOL

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Korean Floor Heating Panels : ONDOL

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 Model Number

AXL 1785

 Brand Name

Hiton Panel



No venture, No gain!

ADD Well Being Tech Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in Floor Heating Panels in Korea. Floor Heating System ONDOL has been a traditional Korean heating system since a long time ago. Floor Heating System is applied to most residential buildings such as house, motel, hotel, sauna, beauty salon, office etc. in Korea. Hiton Floor Heating Panels have been developed as a new style based on high & eco-friendly technology by ADD Well Being Tech Co.,Ltd. Hiton Panels have passed many tests such as the crashing test, the water leakage test etc. and got excellent evaluation and grades by Official Korean Government Agency and big construction companies.

Hiton Panels have been constantly adopted as heating system of apartment, house, office etc. by big construction companies in Korea.

Eco-friendly Floor Heating Panels

  • No worry about electromagnetic waves because it is water circulation system.
  • Protects Water Vein Waves because attaching aluminum tape method is used.
  • Promotes immunity.
    No worry about the infection by the air pollution.
    Because Floor Heating System is based on the Radiant Heat System.
    So it activates metabolism.


  • Protects the noise between floors because the urethane foam is charged that can absorb a crashing sound.
  • Easy installation due to Assembling Module System.
  • Prompt operation
  • Saves 40% cost
  • No need to cement so any season is available to install.
  • Hiton panels are very light so it can reduce the building load.
  • Users can finish with flooring material and tiles.
  • It can be connected with every boiler device such as solar, gas, oil, electrical etc..
  • Long lifetime and strong structure.
    It has passed many crashing tests.
  • No worry about the water leakage.
    Connector used pressure system is safe and strong.
  • Standard installation process.


HITON Floor Heating Panels      
Item ADD1785 ADD1740 ADD85854
Size (w×l×t,mm)  1700*850*24 1700*400*24 850*850*24 
Weight (kg) 9.5 4.5 4.5 
Heating Capability (kcal/Hr) 210~230 100~120 100~120 
Heating Part (m2) 1.445 0.68 0.723 
Pipe Circuit Serial type (non-welding, one-piece type)
Pipe Standard Heat radiation pipe 24T:12A (X-L Plastic Pipe)
HEADER pipe 24T:12A (X-L Plastic Pipe)
Ondol Composition Heat radiation plate Galbanum steel sheet
Heat radiation pipe 99.9% pure copper or X-L Plastic Pipe
Heat conduction plate Aluminum thin plate
Insulator Hard urethane foam high pressure foaming
(foaming pressure: formed with 100kg/cm2)
Back side plate Craft Moistureproofing sheet
Design Relations Number of optimal combinations 24T:8 sheets (SXL 1785)
Standard flow 0.5/min
Load resistance 4.5/
Surface temperature (°c)
35~45 (Boiler temperature:40~50)
Connection between panels Join type of socket and clamp / pressure resistance

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